Who here has heard about the recent debacle involving retail chain-store Target stocking MAC cosmetics at 40% off their original prices? 


If you are nodding your head right now, then tell me this…What was your initial reaction? Mine was one of utter disbelief. MAC cosmetics pride themselves on being a high end brand, selling quality products from their MAC counters and free-standing MAC-pro stores, with the experience and expertise of trained MAC makeup artists at hand. So naturally i was confused as to why they would risk losing their exclusivity by stocking in Target. Napoleon made that move years ago resulting in a severely reduced brand value. 

My first step into finding out more? The internet of course. I jumped online straight away and googled “MAC Cosmetics in Target”, and was immediately met with a number of forums discussing the latest controversy. The forums informed me that in fact it was not a decision made by MAC, but rather a risky move by Target to unofficially stock MAC products sourced by a domestic overseas wholesaler. The forums posted official statements made by both Target and MAC, helping me to further form my opinion on the issue.

Next i jumped on the MAC Facebook page, expecting to find multiple comments from disgruntled customers searching for answers, but instead was met with absolutely no information regarding the issue. This confused me. I thought MAC would definitely have made use of their social media platforms to inform their consumers of the current situation, but it seems they were keeping things on the quite side. I then jumped on the Target Facebook page and found the same thing, no information! 

It got me thinking, why haven’t either organisations made use of their social media platforms as a way of connecting with their consumers during this time of confusion? Maybe they are waiting for the issue to hit the news before they choose to take action via social media. Either way, i will definitely be taking note on both organisations actions in the next few weeks.