In last week’s e-marketing lecture, I was shocked to learn that advertisers only have to pay their fee when consumers express interest by clicking on their ad or liking their Facebook ad. It got me thinking, are most people aware of this fact? And if so, are there people out there who keep hitting their mouse buttons to purposely increase advertising costs for businesses?

The answer in yes, and in the case of Facebook, they’re known as ‘Like sellers’. These Like sellers create fake accounts that click on Facebook ads and Like campaigns, in order to significantly drive the company’s ad costs. For businesses advertising on Facebook, this has become very expensive.

Luckily Facebook are onto these Like sellers, and say they are ‘doing more to fight likes from fake accounts”. After complaints by companies that their Likes have been fraudulently boosted with fake accounts, Facebook have announced they will be implementing “newly improved automated efforts [that] will remove those Likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk Likes”.

It will be interesting to see how this new strategy will work out, and whether Like sellers will find a new way of increasing advertising costs for businesses.