Target has recently come up with a very clever marketing strategy that may well become a window into the future of advertising.

In an attempt to target consumers in a means different to direct advertising, Target has released a three part “shoppable” film entitled Falling for You. 

The twelve-minute romantic comedy, starring Hollywood actors Kristen Bell, Nia Long, and Zachary Abel, features over 100 products from Target’s fall line that viewers can buy directly from the website.

The short film tells the story of two young professionals working at Target who are given the task of planning a fall style event. Everything you see in the video, including clothing, accessories, and household items, are available for purchase directly from the Target website.

When I first read about the stunt, I had mixed emotions. Target trying to make short films? Stupid Right?

Well, quite the opposite really. As I watched the first episode, I found myself not only intrigued in the storyline, but also loving a number of the products used in the film. What I loved even more? How simple Target made the process of finding my beloved items. No searching, no time-wasting, the products were displayed on the right hand side of the screen, ready for me to purchase. Very clever.

While the film continued to play, I could click a “heart” button for each product I desired, which added each item to “my favorites”. At the end of the film, I could simply access my favorites to review colour and sizing options, and from there, make my purchase. Simple. 

Upon watching the film, I asked myself what it was that really made the experience so special. Why had this stunt caused me to make a direct purchase?

Apart from Target making the whole program so customer friendly, what I found really charming was the way the commercial/movie hybrid brought the brand to life.

Seeing the actors interacting with the products allowed me to catch a glimpse of how they might look in my everyday life, rather than in some fantastical world often seen in commercials. 

Target have figured out how to turn brand into reality, and in doing so, have provided us with the perfect example of how brands are becoming more and more innovative and creative in the ways in which they can engage with their target and market their products. 

Well Done Target, you’ve won my vote!